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 GXBook Review:  The 5 am Club  by  Robin Sharma 

Life is a game; then, money is your score.

So everyone needs money, right?         
You have to do work even you don't like that work or if you are lucky enough you'll get your dream job. We all have dreams which we all trying to fulfill. But because of procrastination, we are getting distant with our goals. May some are searching for shortcuts or overnight success. Maybe some are waiting for the right time to take a step. Procrastination is eating us. Now, it's time to overcome all the obstacles and achieve our goals. How? You may need this book by Robin Sharma, "The 5 am Club".

About the Author 

Robin Sharma is one of the most profound speakers and writers on Leadership and Personal Mastery. He self-published his first book called Megaliving in 1994. And His next book, "The monk who sold his Ferrari," also self-published, which is widely distributed and high on demand. He wrote many other books till now; all are rich in knowledge and practical lessons. 

About the book 

" The 5 am Club", it is about waking up early at 5 am and how you can improve your life. The story of this book is motivating and exciting to read. But lessons, formulas, or methods are convenient and easy to implement in your life. What I liked the most in this book is the way it's written and explains how anyone can accomplish their goals. This book is written in over four years by Robin Sharma. He put all his efforts into making this book and did such great work. It's a masterpiece book; you will find many gems in this book. So, I urge you to read this book and dig all treasures.

In this book, you will find methods on how to be more productive and more successful by upgrading your skills. Robin Sharma wrote every technique and concept that he has been teaching to entrepreneurs, CEOs, and many other highly successful people. He has been teaching over 20 years.

In this book, there are four characters;

  1. The Spellbinder, 
  2. The woman entrepreneur
  3. The artist
  4. The unusual entrepreneur - Mr. Riley
In the story, conversations between characters are Profound and life-changing. Mr. Riley guided the woman entrepreneur and the artist in the story by various methods and formulas. Mr. Riley introduced them to the 20/20/20 Formula, which is the very first step towards their training. I'll not be going to tell you the whole story because I don't want to give you a spoiler.

 Let know about the 20/20/20 Formula;

What is the 20/20/20 Formula? 

The 20/20/20 formula is the three group of 20 minutes, in a simple way it is 20/20/20 minutes formula. 

 The first 20 minutes (5:00-5:20) is to move :

Do - intense exercise, sweat hard, hydrate, and breathe deeply.
Why - Metabolism elevates, and dopamine rises.
Benefits - More focus, more productive, and reduces stress.

The second 20 minutes (5:20-5:40) is to reflect:

Do - journal, meditate, plan, and pray.
Why - Wisdom develops, happiness lifts, and awareness soars.
Benefits - Increases creativity and reliable performance.

The Last 20 Minutes (5:40-6:00) is to grow:

 Do - Review goals, read books, listen to podcast and study
Why -  Confidence accelerates and master change.
Benefits - Boost income and personal growth.

This formula starts when you wake up at 5 am. The first 20 minutes of the 20/20/20 method is to move, do intense exercise first thing in the morning will keep you a whole energetic day. The second 2 minutes is to reflect, do meditation and journal; this thing will help you to reduce your stress and boost self-awareness. The last 20 minutes is grown, read a book, and listen to the podcast will help you to gain knowledge or build a new skill. If you neglect, it won't work. So dedicate yourself and follow the formula precisely. You'll see the change in your life. So the 20/20/20 Formula is the first step of your journey to success. "Own your morning, elevate your experience."

Mr. Riley also tells them about four sets which is necessary to balance them to achieve the self-mastery;

  1. Heart set
  2. Health set 
  3. Soul set
  4. Mindset 
We must harmony them to achieve self-mastery. 

The first set is heart set: the human is the emotional being; most of the time, we all make decisions by our emotions. Our unexpressed emotions will never die. They are never dies until and unless you expressed or they may come out later in an ugly way. We all need to purify our hearts, and we must take control of our emotions. The second set is health set: Physically strong is essential as the heart set and mindset. If you are not healthy enough, you won't survive. Bad habits can put you in the worst situation and make you regret later. So take care of your health; be ultra-healthy and live longer. The third set is the soul set: It belongs to the spiritual dimension. Humans are trapped in the material world. Soul set help us to connect with our deeper self. The books, when you read, meditate, the philosophy you believe, journaling, and the solitude time with ourselves, can help us to develop the soul set. The Forth set is the mindset: what you think you become. Our belief, ideas, and logic is a mindset. Our thoughts and action are programmed in the subconscious mind, and we must schedule ourselves with new habits and change our mindset. These four sets are the key to unlock the self-mastery.

Mr. Riley gifts them the 10 tactics of Lifelong Genuis model:

1. The Tight Bubble for Total Focus: It means to gain complete focus by creating your own space or stay in solitude. People are stunned by the material things and hooked by the advertisement and social media. People are easily distracted by the notification, which is not so important. They did the same thing day by day, and even they don't recognize what they do. So the first tactics are to make your own space and cut off from all the distractions.

2. The 90/90/1 Rule: Why few people are only successful? Because of one thing, they invested their time in one core subject and leave the rest. Consistency is the key to success. So you have to do one thing at a time and continue to build a new skill. The 90/90/1 rule says that you have to do one thing daily for 90minutes for 90 days. And this will help you to develop a unique ability and reach your goal. While doing work or learning, new things do not forget to stay in your tight bubble. 

3. The 60/10 Method: When we are working for hours and hours, we don't perform well and concentrate properly. Because our brain is tired. The60/10 tactic is to take 10 minutes rest or refresh your mind by listening to energizing music, reading a book, going for a quick walk and meditate. These things will increase your productivity and charge you up.

4. The Daily 5 concept:  How successful people are always at the highest peak of their productivity and consistently achieves their goals. This tactic is simply 5 tasks per day you have to do. This will help you to move forward to your goals.

5. The Second wind Workout: If you workout at the end of the workday, it will help you to refuel and reduce stress. One hour of nature walk can also help you to gain another time to stay away from the digital interruption and to think deeply. Walking in a natural surrounding with fresh air help you to manage the four interior empires: Mindset, Health set, Heart set, and Soul set. 

6. The 2 Massage Protocol: Taking 90 minutes of massage twice a week. It scientifically proved that take massage reduces the fear hormone, increases motivation, reduces stress, and raises happiness. 

7. Traffic University: is the time when we are going somewhere; traveling, going office, and going shopping. This tactic helps us to use the time which we are wasting by daydreaming and consuming toxic new. So leverage your traveling time by listening audiobook and podcast. 

8. The Dream Team Technique: To achieve your goals, you need your dream team. They will help you to perform well, prioritize things, and enjoy your personal freedom. Specific members of your dreams team include a fitness trainer, a nutritionist, a massage therapist, a financial adviser, a relationship adviser, and a spiritual counselor. They will help you to manage things and enjoy your life.

9. The Weekly Design System: Every 30 minutes of Sunday morning, plan your whole weekly make some list of what you want to do, or learn new things. Also, review the previous week what you have been done. It helps you to scale your progress.

10. The 60 Minutes student: If you want to grow limitlessly, you have to live your whole life as a leaner. Because every successful person in the world is leaners, even they have everything. Daily 60 minutes study; read a book, talk to a mentor,
take online courses, and watch skill-building videos. You will evolve in a whole new dimension. The 60 minutes student tactic help to be a wiser and weighty thinker.

In the book, there are many other lessons, and it may help you to achieve your goals and upgrade your life.

Thank you for reading.