Top 5 Influential Books You Must Read Before 2020

Top 5 Influential Books You Must Read Before 2020

In our lives some-point to the other we all have reads books that gave of lots of enjoyment, love, fear , sorrow and all the emotions but some of the books have been stuck in our heart and in our minds, books that we will never forget in this time on earth. 

the following are some the books that you must read before 2020 who knows you might be looking for it or it might change you whole life or make it upside down.

 The following books are from self development genre  which have impacted millions and millions of life and had changed their life, future and destiny. Helping them to achieve their dreams and success in life.


 Lets Start By A Brief Review About These Top 5 influential Books:


 Rich Dad Poor Dad is an great book written by robert T. kiyosaki in a very interesting book that every one can understand easily, He portraits his story by giving his own story of which poor dad beleongs to him and rich dad belongs to his friend and explains the thoughts of both dads how they shape their future by observing theri thoughts in his book and in his life.

 In his book author explains that you do not need a high income to be rich but the idea of making money by money, an idea that will make your money work for you.

He explains that poor people work for money and the rich uses their money to make more money for them, books explains it does not matter how much money can a person makes but its how much money you can save.

The books explains that poor people uses their money in buying liabilities and think they are asset on the other hand rich people use their money to buy assets.

The Book Rich Dad Poor Dad Contains 6 Empowering Lessons:

1. the rich people do not work for money.

2. why taught financial literacy?

3. Mind your own business.

4. The history of costs and the power of the organization.

5.  rich invent money

6.  work to learn and do not work for money


One of the most best selling books that has been sold more than 100 million copies  written by Nepoleon hill and later on with revised and next generation version by Andrew Carnegie is also one of the most fan favorite book which has changed life from time and time creating successful businesses and business leaders.

As the topics explains itself , the author explains the power of thinking, and what we thinks that matters.

 We all want to be financially independent we all want money, houses and other materialistic desires in every point of time but none of us know how to do it or we think its a pipe dream and it is unreachable so, with that thought in our minds we get stuck in our lives by boring jobs and other things that we hate to di it but we have to do it.

So, in this book THINK AND GROW RICH  the author explains that it is our though process that changes our life, what we think is what we achieve or what we can think is what we can achieve in life.

The key things that this books explains its readers or wants us to learn from it is very simple but it takes time and dedication with discipline, When you really know what you want to do or what you want to achieve starts by setting up a proper plan with unwavering dedication  to follow up that plan for you life, dreams and future.

In this era of information you could learn thing neede for your goals and plans easily watch you idols how they think learn from them, watch videos in your free time and never stop learning.

Just remember a positive mental attitude or thought can solve all of your problems. do not over think , failure is just an path to success.

The Book Think And Grow Rich Contains 13 principles

1. Desire, 

2. Faith, 

3. Auto-suggestion, 

4. Specialized knowledge, 

5. Imagination, 

6. Organized planning, 

7. Decision, 

8. Persistence, 

9. the Power of the master mind, 

10. the Mystery of sex transmutation, 

10. the Subconscious mind, 

12. the Brain, 

13. and the Sixth sense.


 the power of  your subconscious mins is one of the exceptions, cause it is written by one of the most famous writer joseph murphy he has a very deep sense of intellect that make a book perfect and has a great impact to his readers.

this books is a complete guide how to control your thoughts or  in other words how to manipulate you own thoughts to change a certain behavior for the necessary habits that you want to acquire or needs to be change to complete your dreams and goals . this book has been sold over million copies with its huge quantity of readers still to this day.

this book explains about  virtualization to change you thought and thoughts into actions, it says like this if you virtualise a thought over and over again your mind will now follow that instruction of your thought  to make those thoughts into reality.

Joseph murphy on his book also says that you have a doubt at anything and you cannot think straight or can not get answer from it get rest or sleep over it, the author explains that when you get enough rest you can make more right decisions and you will be more confident about your own decisions.

The author also says good deeds brings best and bad and bad deeds brings worst he says be well to each and everyone dont let any anger or envy even cross your minds or it will ruin your every thing and you cannot do what you wanted to do. As there an idiom "on the off chance that you covertly scorn others for having something you need, you'll make it more outlandish for yourself to achieve that thing".


The book 7 habits of highly effective people it one its kind and a master piece written by Stephen R. Covey is also one of the most famous writers in the self development fields, this book is a self development book created by the examples of most famous successful persons from ceo's to richest people on earth and their habits that have changed them to live in that fulfilling life.

In this book author talks about some of the most important habits followed by the highly effective people  and turns into a simple from that anyone could understand they are as follows:

BE PROACTIVE: in here he explains that one should not spent time on the things that you do not have any control over it or have nothing to do  with instead focus on the things you really good at and the things that you love to do.

BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND: Its a very interesting chapter as it literally starts with the end of your life questions that will you ?  what others want to say that you want to know, author explains that these are the questions that you should really focus in your life.

PUT FIRST THINGS FIRST: As simple as it says first things first there are lot of things in our daily lives that is very important and which are not really that important, The book simply explains us that we should convert our focus from the less important things to the most important things if you really want to change your life or even your day to day life.

THINK WIN WIN : Yup, it may sounds ridiculous but the thing is not every time we have to face failures, and not every failure leads to success. author explains it not that you always win but by creating some fundamentals you can really do it by applying it on the simple things.

SEEK FIRST TO UNDERSTAND, THEN BE UNDERSTOOD: the chapter basically says that you need to be good listener to be understood, first seek to understand things know all the things that has to be known and say it to others that way you will be more understood by the ohters.


The Book in itself is very unique and is written by DAN LOK he is an entrepreneur not from the author background  but the book fu money is very interesting and very unique from its competitors and some people may find it very offensive, as this book does not have any language barrier but the content in the books are to the point and are very useful.

This is not a typical self help but rather  get you own help type book, As author explains in his books that the only person that can really change your life is you so, stop being lazy and work hard fro your dreams.

He explains that you put effort and invest on your own you can really become what you always have wanted to become,you have to work hare to make money, 

The best thing about this book is it says that you do not need to be born with silver spoon in you mouth to be rich it just need hard work and dedication to reach there. 



These 5 most influential book will really help you to get what you want you in life if you really follow through it, there is nothing that cannot be reached or achieved, if you are hard working dedicating you time to your goal you will reach there, it takes time to be what you wanted but you will get there no matter what, there are no roads that cannot be traveled and no mountains that cannot be claimed you just have to follow the right path, slow or fast it does not matter.







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